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Look for the WILEY trademark on every multi-purpose sprayer you buy. It is your guarantee of QUALITY, INTEGRITY, AND EXCELLENCE


Is the name of the game and Raymond Wiley was a farmer's farmer with more than fifty years experience. He knew what farmers want and need. 

Initially used in residential and agricultural applications, our sprayers currently are also used in the construction, forestry, and pest-control industries. 

We know what is needed in multi-purpose sprayers, whether the job is small or large. That's why we continue to developed Wiley Sprayer models to fit your individual and particular needs.

We take personal pride in the manufacture of each sprayer and believe you will not find better quality for the price anywhere you may look."

"We treat every customer like we want to be treated."

You will SAVE MONEY in the long run with a Wiley Quality Sprayer, the easy-to-use, proven new sprayer that GUARANTEES RESULTS!